2017 Comp Safari Interclub Championship


The CSIC has been running now for the past six years, and returns again in 2017 with events to be held by Staffs & Shrops Land Rover Club and North Wales Land Rover. We already have 11 registered drivers with two months to go to the first round.

The championship is open to all members of any MSA affiliated club, including all ALRC clubs, and attracts some of the best drivers throughout the classes. It is a highly competitive annual league of seven OPEN events, with six to count, held over a six month period, including six one day and one two day event. It offers great value for money with events costing just £60 each and £100 for the two day event.

There is a £10 registration fee, and you may ask why we charge this? The £10 charge is to make a commitment to the championship, so that points are only awarded to the registered drivers, meaning that people who turn up to one or two events do not take valuable class and overall points away from them. The money then goes towards the class trophies that are awarded at the annual S&S Dinner Dance, usually held the following February or March. Plus drivers who compete/marshal in three or more events also receive an award.

The 2017 CSIC Calendar of Events:

Round 1 Monday 1st May Baden Hall S&S LRC
Round 2 Sunday 11th June Babell S&S & NW LRC
Round 3 Sunday 2nd July Stone – Martin Gallis Memorial Comp Safari S&S LRC
Round 4 Sunday 6th August Green Hall S&S LRC
Round 5 Monday 28th August Anglesey NW LRC
Round 6 Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th September Stone – Enduro Comp Safari S&S LRC
Round 7 Saturday 14th or Sunday 15th October Seighford S&S LRC

* Please note that all events are subject to change.

Entry to all events is on a first come first served basis, and entries are open to non registered drivers. All drivers must be registered before the second event, after which registration will close. Then pre-book your place directly with the host club.

2017 CSIC Supplementary Regulations – download your copy here

It is important to read the Supplementary Regulations above for the CSIC, together with the SR’s for each club’s individual event.

The classes to be run are:

Class 1 Independent Suspension – all engine sizes
Class 2 Coil Sprung Beam Axle over 4 litre
Class 3 Coil Sprung Beam Axle up to 4 litre
Class 4 Coil Sprung Diesel – all engine sizes
Class 5 Leaf Sprung – all engine sizes
Class 6 Production Vehicles – all engine sizes *
Class 7 Two Wheel Drive – all engine sizes
Class 8 Sports Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) – all engine sizes #

*   Entrants in Class 6 will be allowed at the discretion of the Scrutineer.
#   Entrants in Class 8 to MSA guidelines (ie. production vehicle).


Please consider helping any of the clubs in the running of the events, because valuable points can be earned if you cannot enter for any reason – from the CSIC Supp. Regs; “For one round per driver (or one driver from a shared entry) officials points will be awarded as follows:- For the Clerk of Course of a championship round the number of points equal to their best scoring round of the championship season will be allocated. For a marshal of a championship round the number of points equal to half of their best scoring round of the championship season will be allocated”. These points are then added at the end of the season, dropping the lowest scoring round also.

We hope that you can join us for another successful years competition.