3” TRS Lever Latch Seat Belt Safety Check

We have received the following important information from the MSA in the February bulletin:-

TRS ‘Lever Latch’ Harness

We have received notification from harness manufacturer TRS that they have identified an issue with their ‘NASCAR Lever Latch Harness’. The below information has been released to advise customers what to do if they have concerns.

Please note that it does only affect this one model of harness, which is not an FIA-homologated harness, however they may be found in disciplines where a homologated harness is not required.

3” TRS Lever Latch Seat Belt Safety Check

TRS Nascar lever Latch harnesses.

We have had a small number of 3” Nascar harnesses returned where the user has experienced a too easy opening of the lever latch. After investigation it was found that the grub screws holding the detent balls had either not been set correctly or had worked loose during use. If the grub screws become loose through use this can affect the positive operation of the release and in some cases could cause unintentional opening.

If you think your harness may be affected, please contact TRS or your supplying dealer to arrange a free inspection and, where necessary, rectification.

Stephanie Lloyd, TRS Motorsport Equipment, Crockford Lane, Chineham, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG24 8NA
Tel: 0044 1256 400650   Fax: 0044 01256 400622   Email: sales@trs-motorsport.com

If a customer contacts you, please advise them to send the lever latch direct to us at the above address.

We will inspect the lever latch and if necessary replace it with a 2016 version which incorporates several improvements. There will obviously be no charge for this. If you have any stock on your shelves please contact us to arrange replacements if necessary.

We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience, but you will appreciate that with a safety product nothing can be left to chance.

We hope that non of our members are affected.