Before you are allowed to enter any event, your vehicle must be scrutineered. This is a check over of the vehicle to not only make sure that it conforms with regulations, but to make sure that it passes certain safety criteria.

All events run to the regulations set out in the Motorsport UK ‘Blue Book’, and if it is an ALRC event, to the regulations in the ALRC ‘Green Book’ are also adhered to. All members of S&S are eligible for a copy of the latest ALRC Green Book upon request, and links to both this and the MUK Blue Book can be found below.

Each event then has a set of Supplementary Regulations that are specific to the club and event, and it is advisable to read them for each event you plan to enter. Copies of the standard Staffs & Shrops SR’s are available to read for each discipline below:-





Open RTV

Open May Day CCV

Open CCV

Open Timed Trails

Open Timed Trial (May Day)

One Day Open Comp Safari

Two Day Open Comp Safari

Open Comp Safari – Mud Terrain Tyres

One Day Open Comp Safari (Anglesey)

Each driver will be issued with a log book at their first S&S event, which must be presented at Scrutineering and Signing On, together with your membership card, plus your Motorsport UK competition licence – all drivers and passengers aged 18 and over must hold a valid RS Clubman licence which is free of charge (click HERE for more information).


Drivers and navigators in Comp Safari have to wear a helmet that conforms to MUK regulations, and this must have a MUK approval sticker on it. These can only be affixed by MUK Scrutineers or selected manufacturers. The Staffs & Shrops Chief Scrutineer, Simon Cooper, is a registered MUK Scrutineer and will be on site at all S&S Comp Safaris. Stickers cost £2.50 each.

Please note, Snell SA2005 helmets expire at the end of 2018.

FHR Regulations

From 1st January 2018, stickers are also required on all Frontal Head Restraints (HANS Devices) and will be available from Simon Cooper at a cost of £2.50 each, as set out by the MUK.

From 1st January 2019 FHR’s are mandatory for drivers and navigators in Comp Safari.

Fire Extinguishers

From 2018 all fire extinguishers must be serviced in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines, or every 24 months, whichever is sooner. See Section K, appendix 3, of the MSA Blue Book for information on changes to regulations from new vehicles from 2019, and existing vehicles from 2022.

Scrutineering News

Any important rule changes will be sent out to members via email and the club newsletter.

Motorsport UK Regulations

The vehicles must comply with the MUK Blue Book, which can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Plus, MUK rules specific to Cross Country can be found by clicking HERE.

ALRC Regulations

If entering an ALRC event, all vehicles must comply with the ALRC rules in addition to the MSA rules, and can be viewed by clicking HERE.