Off roading is the best reason to take your Land Rover or 4×4 out of town and do what it is designed for! Cross country disciplines can be as basic or advanced as you want to make it, with choices for all abilities and budgets.

All events run to the regulations set out in the Motorsport UK ‘Blue Book’, and if it is an ALRC event, the regulations in the ALRC ‘Green Book’ are also adhered to. All members of S&S are eligible for a copy of the latest ALRC Green Book upon request, and the Motorsport UK Blue Book is available on line at HERE.

Each event then has a set of Supplementary Regulations that are specific to the club and event, and it is advisable to read them for each event you plan to enter. Copies of the standard Staffs & Shrops SRs are available to read for each discipline under that tab.

Each driver will be issued with a log book at their first S&S event, which must be presented at Scrutineering and Signing On, together with your membership card.