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Comp Safari

Comp Safari is a timed event that is a single venue stage rally on a cross country course of several miles in length. Each driver is set off at timed intervals and races against the clock, with the aim of being the fastest around the course that is set out using markers ‘flags’ or ‘arrows’ and bunting in some areas. The course is completed a set number of times and penalties are given for hitting the markers or taking down the bunting, plus a penalty is given for coming in ahead of the ‘bogey’ time which is worked out according to the course length. A set maximum time is given to those that do not complete the course.

Vehicles tend to be highly tuned, and strengthened transmissions and suspension are common. Vehicles must also be fitted with full roll cage to ALRC and Motorsport UK specifications, have full harness seatbelts, additional lighting, and be fitted with a fire extinguisher and spill kit.

Comp Safari is probably the most expensive type of off road event, but is generally perceived at the most exciting to watch!

Trophies are awarded in classes according to various eligibility categories, dependent on vehicle length, engine type and size, and what degree of modification has been made to the vehicle for ALRC events. For ‘open’ events, trophies are awarded in different classes dependent on suspension type, engine size and type, and whether they are two or four wheel drive.

Drivers must be a full or second member of a club, hold a full driving licence and a Motorsport UK Competition Licence (the minimum licence required is a Non Race Clubman) and details of obtaining one of these can be found byclicking HERE.

Navigators must also be a full or second member of a club and be 16 years of age.

Please note that drivers and navigators must wear an approved helmet that conforms to regulations set out by MUK, and this has to be stickered by a MUK Scrutineer prior to using it. Helmets are checked at scrutineering that they are eligible and that they are not damaged in any way.

One Day Comp Safaris cost £75* pre booked and £95 if paid on the day.

Two Day Comp Safaris (known in S&S as the Enduro) costs £120* pre booked and £150 if paid on the day.

  • * Those registered in the Comp Safari Interclub Championship will pay £10 less per event.