Other Events

Other clubs hold different types of events, but these are generally not hosted by S&S. These include:-

Timed Trials

This is a timed version of a CCV trial. Formulae are applied to determine scores based on the time taken compared to a pre-set time period. All vehicles must be fitted with a roll cage and carry a fire extinguisher.

Drivers must be a full or second member of a club and hold a current driving licence, plus Timed Trials can be driven by those aged 16 and over, or those with no driving licence, if they have competed in four or more CCV’s (proof of which will be required). A family member of 16 years and over can sit in a time trial. Crash helmets must be worn as per comp safari regulations.

Team Recovery

A team of two vehicles must traverse a short but usually very difficult course as quickly as possible. It doesn’t really matter how they manage it so long as both vehicles succeed. For example one vehicle may drive around the outside of the course and tow the second vehicle through a particularly difficult part. However this process will need to be repeated with the second vehicle towing the first in order that, as stated, both vehicles complete the whole of the marked course.

Vehicles must be up to the same specification as comp safari vehicles, plus must be fitted with strong mesh screens front and back to protect occupants in the event of a rope breakage. The same rules apply regarding memberships and navigators as for Comp Safari, and crash helmets must be worn as per Comp Safari regulations.


A team of vehicles must visit a set of points in a random or pre-set order in the shortest time. The points will be laid out on a tract of land but they may not necessarily be visible one from another and may be hard to find. Proof of visiting the point is achieved by recording the fact with an official at that point or by collecting a token from the point. All members of the team must complete the course to qualify as finishers.

Winch Reovery

In this event, a team of no more that three members with two vehicles, one equipped with a winch, must winch an object (often a tree trunk or a disabled vehicle) around a course defined by suitable markers. The team vehicles mustn’t move whilst winching and very specific safety precautions must be observed during this process. This isn’t a “horsepower” event, but one that needs planning and thought. The team completing the course with the fewest penalties as stated in the SRs will be the winner.


This event is usually set out on a grassed area, in which driving AND other skills combine to achieve a score. It is open to Rover cars as well as Land Rovers. Very often, the activities of a passenger are required such as directing a blindfolded driver. Other tests include reversing as close as possible to a marker post, or towing a tyre on a rope around a marked out course without it or the vehicle hitting any of the markers; or exciting things like dropping balls into a bucket, which is surprisingly difficult if done from a moving vehicle!

Concours d’Élégance

This is a static competition mainly for road going vehicles, open to both Rover cars as well as Land Rovers. Each entry is judged on its merits by a panel of experts. Trophies are awarded for various classes including Series 1, 2 & 3 as well as Ex Military, The Everyday Working Vehicle and The Most Original Working Vehicle.

Promotional Event

This isn’t a competition but is becoming increasingly popular. The event is intended to encourage those who haven’t driven their vehicles “off-road” before to have a go. Typically a bumpy, muddy, wet but not hazardous area is provided for drivers to saunter around. Recovery vehicles will be present and marshals will be around to help and give guidance to the inexperienced.