Road Taxed Vehicle Trial

RTVs are aimed at competitors with a greater level of experience than TYROs, as more severe terrain may be used, though they should still be non damaging to sensibly prepared basic production vehicles. As the name suggests, all vehicles must be fully road legal, with tax, MOT and insurance, plus they must be fitted with a fire extinguisher and spill kit.

RTV trials consist of a number of sections made up of pairs of sticks or canes, known as ‘gates’, defining the route. This involves precision driving, where competitors attempt to navigate their vehicle through a dozen gates without touching any of them or stopping. Please note that one ‘shunt’ ie. one reverse manoeuvre, is allowed for long wheel based vehicle per section. If the section is completed without stopping or touching a cane, the driver gets a ‘clear’ which is zero points. This is not a timed event, and winner is the driver who scores the lowest points.

Sounds easy; but the ground used may be hilly, bumpy, muddy, sandy, gravely or partially flooded!

Trophies are awarded in classes according to various eligibility categories, dependent on vehicle length, engine type and size, and whether the vehicle has been modified or not. Please note that to encourage standard vehicles in RTVs, modified class vehicles shall only be permitted to compete for a class award and not for overall position.

Drivers must be a full member of a club and hold a current driving licence, plus RTVs can be driven by those aged 15 and over, or those with no driving licence, if they have competed in four or more TYROs (young and unqualified drivers will have their driving experience recorded in a log book that will be issued at their first event). These drivers must be a member of an ALRC club, be accompanied by a passenger who holds a full driving licence who has experience in off road driving, is a member of an ALRC registered club, and moves the vehicle between sections.

Under new rules from Motorsport UK for 2020, all drivers and passengers aged 18 and over must hold a RS Clubman Licence which is Free of Charge – click HERE for more info. This, together with a club membership card, must be shown at signing on.

A family member of 14 years and over can sit in an RTV, but if the vehicle is a ‘mass produced, production vehicle’ that age is lowered to 12 years, but if the vehicle is ‘open’ then the age is raised to 16 years or over. Details of membership can be found under the Membership tab.

RTVs cost £30 when pre booked, and £35 if paid on the day.