Try Your Rover Offroad

Due to strict regulations, TYRO is intended for the first time divers and/or the use of standard road vehicles whose owners will not tolerate any damage. It is set out in such a manner that you can take your treasured classic or showroom specification Land Rover out for a bit of fun.

TYROs can be driven by anyone from the age of 13 years, as long as the passenger holds a full driving licence, has experience in off road driving, is a member of an ALRC registered club, and moves the vehicle between sections. Passengers are also allowed, as long as they are over two years of age and in a forward facing seat wearing relevant seat belts. Family members are allowed to drive a TYRO, and details of memberships can be found under the Membership tab.

Under new rules from Motorsport UK for 2020, all drivers and passengers aged 18 and over must hold a RS Clubman Licence which is Free of Charge – click HERE for more info. This, together with a club membership card, must be shown at signing on.

TYROs are run as trials, which means you drive through pairs of sticks or canes, known as ‘gates’, that define the route. This involves precision driving, where competitors attempt to navigate their vehicle through a dozen gates without touching any of them or stopping. Please note that one ‘shunt’ ie. one reverse manoeuvre, is allowed for long wheel based vehicle per section. If the section is completed without stopping or touching a cane, the driver gets a ‘clear’ which is zero points. This is not a timed event, and the winner is the driver who scores the lowest points.

Trophies are typically awarded for two classes, one for qualified drivers and one for unqualified drivers – modified vehicles are allowed, but will be in a separate class.

Please note, the type of terrain used for a TYRO must not risk damage to the underside or bodywork of competing vehicles, and contours may not exceed 50% (1 in 2) fore and aft gradient, 25% (1 in 4) transverse gradient, or have water sections deeper than 0.3 metres.

TYROs cost £10 when pre booked, and £15 if paying on the day.