S&S CSC 2020

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown disrupting the calendar of events, there will no longer be a Championship for 2020. All registered drivers have been contacted and given the opportunity to transfer to 2021.


Staffs & Shrops Comp Safari Championship 2020

2020 brings the 10th year that S&S have run a comp safari championship, but this year changes have had to be made to ensure that it is affordable to all after changes bought in by Motorsport UK, thus resulting in a change of name.

For 2020 registration is only open to members of Staffs & Shrops as it now a single club championship. This in turn means that all drivers and navigators will be allowed to enter using the Free of Charge RS Clubman Licence (or higher if they have it).

It remains a competitive annual league of seven OPEN events, with six to count, held over a six month period including six one day and one two day event. Events will still be held as Safari Plus, allowing average speeds of up to 50mph, together with the provision of Motorsport UK Rescue and Recovery on site.

Past winners are:-

2019 – Kevin Stubbs (S&S)
2018 – Peter Roberts (S&S)
2017 – Ian Roberts (S&S)
2016 – Peter Roberts (S&S)
2015 – Peter Roberts (S&S)
2014 – Ian Roberts (S&S)
2013 – Kevin Stubbs (S&S)
2012 – Ian Roberts (S&S)
2011 – Jonathan Wilshaw (S&S)

There is a £70 registration fee, which goes towards the class trophies that are awarded at the annual S&S Dinner Dance, usually held the following February or March. Drivers who compete/marshal in three or more events also receive an award. All drivers must be registered before the second event, after which registration will close.

Please note that registered drivers will have priority booking over non-registered drivers for all rounds*, ie. they can book in for any event at any time, but those not registered will not be able to pre-book until a set date. Also, registered drivers will pay £10 less per event than those not registered*. Plus, any registered drivers that act as Clerk of Course or marshals an event will get their camping free of charge* in order to get some of the registration fee back.

Registration is limited to 60, and will open at 10am on Sunday 2nd February 2020. The members log in page is available HERE, and from this you can access the pre-booking pages for all events*.

* Please note that we hope to use the event hosted by NW LRC, using an S&S permit, on August Bank Holiday but this may affect certain aspects of the booking pricess as shown above. Details are still to be worked out, and information will be posted as soon as things are clear.

The 2020 Calendar of Events:

Round 1Sunday 10th MayBaden Hall S&S ORC
Round 2Sunday 14th June Babell S&S ORC
Round 3Sunday 19th JulyStone - Martin Gallis Memorial S&S ORC
Round 4Sunday 9th AugustGreen Hall S&S ORC
Round 5Monday 31st August TBATBA
Round 6Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th SeptemberStone Enduro - Valerie Gilbert Memorial S&S ORC
Round 7Saturday 10th OctoberFerndown WoodS&S ORC

Please note that all events are subject to change.

Entry to all events is on a first come first served basis, and entries are open to # non registered drivers from the set dates noted below. Details on pre-booking for Round 5 to be advised.

Round 1 Baden Hall Open to non registered drivers from 15th April 2020
Round 2 Babell Open to non registered drivers from 20th May 2020
Round 3 Stone Open to non registered drivers from 24th June 2020
Round 4 Green Hall Open to non registered drivers from 22nd July 2020
Round 6 Enduro Open to non registered drivers from 2nd September 2020
Round 7 Ferndown Wood Open to non registered drivers from 23rd September 2020

# Non registered drivers can be from any Motorsport UK registered clubs, including the ALRC, as the events are hosted by Staffordshire & Shropshire Off Road Club and run as OPEN events.

S&S CSC 2020 Supplementary Regulations v1

It is important to read the Supp Regs above for the Interclub, together with the SR’s for each individual event, and can we remind drivers that all vehicles must comply with the Motorsport UK Blue Book.

The classes to be run are:

Class 1 Independent Suspension - 4,600cc or more
Class 1aIndependent Suspension - 4,999cc or less
Class 2Coil Sprung Beam Axle - 4,000cc or more
Class 3Coil Sprung Beam Axle - 3,999cc or less
Class 4 Coil Sprung Diesel - all engines
Class 5 Leaf Sprung - all engines
Class 6 Production Vehicles – all engines *
Class 7Two Wheel Drive – all engines
Class 8 Sports Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) – all engines #

*   Entrants in Class 6 will be allowed at the discretion of the Scrutineer.
#   Entrants in Class 8 to MSA guidelines (ie. production vehicle).

Please consider helping any of the clubs in the running of the events, because valuable points can be earned if you cannot enter for any reason – from the CSIC Supp. Regs; “For one round per driver (or one driver from a shared entry) officials points will be awarded as follows:- For the Clerk of Course of a championship round the number of points equal to their best scoring round of the championship season will be allocated. For a marshal of a championship round the number of points equal to half of their best scoring round of the championship season will be allocated”.

2020 Registered Drivers

NameClassRunning No.
Kevin Stubbs12
Jeff Bazeley13
Simon Cooper24
Tim Mangham1a6
Gareth Taylor27
Ben Straw28
Nigel Allcock49
Warren Roper1a11
Adrian Bullough112
Callum & Roger Edge313
Dafydd Roberts218
Matthew Booth321
Richard Keasey127
Richard Caswell329
Paul Shore233
Paul & Neil Waldron1a38
Bill Hewitson644
Stuart Winter147
Ian Chiles255
John Handy357
Martin Smith259
Paul Rowands860
Peter Roberts162
Tim Simon166
Bethany Bull269
Mark Allard673
Colin Davies1a74
Lewis Simon277
Dale Gilbertson378
Robert Dilwyn Davies1a82
Gary Bull188
Wyn Williams196
Simon Rood8101
Stephen Lindop2107
Grant Mitchell Smith1117
Sam & Tom Smith7120
Jake Burgess2122
Jake & Simon Smith7127
Rob Willetts8166
Charlotte Plant1a180
Michael Cunningham3188
Richard Wynne-Williams & Jordon Oldbury1a192
Steve Hill1196
Allana Burgess3221
Matthew Jones1a250
Scott Whitmore1241
Dan & Ian Gibbons8263
Tim Padfield4313
Jerry Smith7416
Ian Gregg8445
Lee Salt8468
Rupert & Jo Astbury4515
Steven Adams1a644
John Hewitson4767
Guy Fernihough3808
Richard Watson1a811
Dean Hoskins3844
Oliver Booth8936


MSA Registration No. 43/2020

Updated 24th June 2020